Learning Thai Christian Vocabulary

english-thai-dictionary-of-christian-terms-and-bible-words-3dMost Thai dictionaries and references do not have a lot of Christian terms in them and if they do, often they are not the words that Thai Christians actually use. This can make it hard for foreigners to learn the Thai vocabulary necessary for attending Thai church services, fellowshipping with Thai believers, teaching Bible studies in Thai, and praying in Thai. There are hundreds of Christian terms with specific meanings as well as thousands of Bible names and Bible characters.

The English-Thai Dictionary of Christian Terms and Bible Words (Revised Edition) is a one-way bilingual dictionary designed for foreigners who want to find the Thai equivalents of English Christian terms. Here is an example entry:

  • angel n. ทูตสวรรค์ (ตน) /thôot-sa-wăn/ cl. /ton/

Each entry consists of the English headword, followed by the part of speech, then the Thai word in Thai script. For most nouns, the classifier is listed in brackets. And for those who can’t read Thai, there is a transcription into English of every Thai word with tone mark indicated.

An important feature of the dictionary is that it indicates honorific terms which are used with royalty and deity. For example, for ordinary people, the Thai verb ‘to speak’ is พูด /phôot/ while for God it is ตรัส /tràt/.

  • speak v. spoke, spoken พูด /phôot/, G. ตรัส /tràt/

The dictionary contains over 2,000 entries including the books of the Bible, important characters in the Bible, and Christian terminology.

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